By , June 14, 2016

Debt Counseling vs. Filing for Bankruptcy

It is been especially difficult in the current economic climate for many people to just to pay the monthly mortgage or rent, pay for utilities and put food on the table. However many people also may have overwhelming credit card debt with monthly minimum payments that may be more than the mortgage or rent. Then there are the unforeseen circumstances that may include large medical bills after the loss health insurance as a result of loss of employment.

Unfortunately, when people start to experience a situation where monthly debt exceeds monthly income, the first reaction is often to incur more credit card debt to make ends meet. This creates even more unaffordable monthly debt and the cycle continues until bills go unpaid and creditors finally file suit.

Tony Allen has been assisting those in need of debt counseling for many years. He understands that financial worries can cause one to panic and do nothing. However, delay only makes things worse. So if you or a friend or family member is having financial trouble, please call to make an appointment with Mr. Allen.

Although Bankruptcy is an option when one finds himself of herself in a situation where debt is more than income, there may be other viable options that an experienced attorney will recognize and discuss with you.

So, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, please call and make an appointment with Mr. Allen as quickly as possible in order to preserve all of your options.

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